Josef Morkus

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1978 in Prague

Nationality: Czech

Living in: Prague

Academic Degree: Ph.D.

Profession: Architect - Urban Planner


Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic

2016+          Senior Ministerial Counsellor, Head of Conception and Methodology Unit, Spatial Planning Department
                    Leading a team of 7 experts
                    Drafting conceptual documents on quality of the built environment (guarantor of creation and implementation of the „Architecture and Building Culture Policy of the Czech Republic“)
                    Methodology of spatial planning
                    Coordination of several task of a sub-ordinate company Institute of Spatial Planning
                    Cooperation on drafting and implementation of subsidy programmes (on architectural and urban competitions and planning documents procurement)
                    Committee member of the Government Council for Education for Sustainable Development
                    Expert guarantor of research projects supported by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic
                    Preparation of documents for the Government and statements on documents of other ministries
                    Cooperation on materials and meetings of expert bodies of the Council of Europe
                    Member of the OMC group on high quality architecture, organized by the European Commission
                    Cooperation on presentation and promotion on the ministry
2015-2016   Senior Ministerial Counsellor, Conception and Methodology Unit, Spatial Planning Department
                    The same position as from 2016 except leading a team
2014-2015   Higher Specialist Officer, Conception and Methodology Unit, Department of Spatial Planning
                    The same position as 2015-2016

Prague Institute of Planning and Development
2013            Successor organisation of the City Development Authority Prague

City Development Authority Prague
2013            Head of the Spatial Planning Office
                    Leading a team of 16 specialists
                    Coordination of procurement and evaluation of Prague Land Use Plan amendments, Spatial Development Policy updates and supporting studies
                    Methodological work and content preparation of the Prague Spatial Planning Website
                    Presentation on urban development and planning for many foreign delegations                   
                    Representation of Prague at international fairs
                    Participation in the European Union projects
2012-2013   Responsible for the Prague northwest sector
                    Leading of 2 colleagues
                    Assessment of construction projects
                    Consultations with city districts representatives, architects and developers
2005-2012   Urban Planner
                    Methodology and design of new Prague Land Use Plan Draft
                    Amendments and modifications to the Land Use Plan, development of Planning Analytical Materials, production of urban studies

Prague City Hall - City Development Authority Department
2001-2005   Urban Planner

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
2007-2010   Consultations in Urban Atelier

Book Cities in Bohemia and Moravia (Ing. arch. Karel Kuča)
1999-2001   Maps preparation

Design Studio Ing. arch. Josef Lešetický
1998-2001   Assistant architect


2013            International Centre for Land Policy Studies and Training, Taiwan
                    6 week course on Development and Infrastructure Planning

2003-2012   Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture
                    Doctorate studies (Ph.D.), theme "Planning study in Prague"
                    Finished by state doctoral examination and defence of dissertation

1996-2003   Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture
                    Bachelor's and Master's degree (Ing.arch.)
                    Graduation theses topic "Smichov - Study of transformation of the Smichov railway station"

2001            Ecole d’architecture de Nantes, France
                    Half year of master's studies

1999            Les Ateliers d’été, Cergy-Pontoise, France
                    One month workshop, topic Centres and Centrality, member of the winning team

1996            School of tourism Tyrkys, Prague
                    Course and examination "Tourist guide"

1992-1996   Secondary School Zborovská, Prague
                    Specialisation in Mathematics and Physics, Leaving Examination with honours

1984-1992   Grammar School U Santošky 1, Prague


2011+           Association for Urban and Spatial Planning of the Czech Republic

2020+           European Academy of Architecture - visiting professor


English – speaking and writing, including professional terminology, 2022 First Certificate in English (FCE) pass at Grade A - CEFR Level C1
French – speaking, partly writing
German – partly speaking and writing
Czech – mother tongue


Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Group B – passenger car


Architecture, urban planning, design
Transport systems and vehicles
Travelling - more than 60 countries visited
Sports - squash, badminton, swimming, cycling, skiing


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Update: 28 August 2022